About Mary


It all started when…

I designed my first dress. As a child I would sew and create a new dress the night before school, and then wear it the next day. That is where my eye for design stemmed from. It was not until I had taken my first trip, to the beautiful island of Jamaica, that I became truly inspired. I threw caution into the wind and started at the top, applying to the best airlines in the sky before accepting my offer at TWA. Even though I was stationed to fly domestically, I took each and every opportunity that I had to travel the world. I spent most of my time in the air whether it was for work or pleasure. From a layover in Chicago, to a spontaneous weekend in London, I was living a dream I did not even knew I had.

After 10 years in the airline industry, I decided to take the inspiration and experiences that I have gathered and put it into a more creative field. I started out at Whalin’s (a furniture store where LBI’s Sunsations currently resides) as an in house interior designer. After years of the job and its unfortunate closing, I took a hiatus to be with my husband and newborn daughter, that I love with devotion. It was not until request after request and call after call for my services and expertise, that my husband encouraged me to create something of my own and that my eye for design should not be closed. Thus here I am today, with projects all over New Jersey and down the East Coast to Florida. I have even been blessed to be featured in publications such as Traditional Home, NJ Design, and Veranda Magazine. I truly count my blessings each and everyday to be able to live my life working a career that I truly love.